Hooting Yard: A stern refutation

First broadcast on September 30th 2004, this significant episode begins with a stern corrective pertaining to the physiology and lifestyle of the common toad. Frank introduces the first part of “The Horrible Cave”, an exciting adventure series for the young and old.

* A Refutation of some of the less plausible claims made by Dennis Cargpan in his woeful lecture delivered from the balcony of the civic hall at Bodger’s Spinney on Thursday last during a hailstorm to a gathering of ingrates and orphans.
* What to do on a winter’s day in Tantarabim
* The Horrible Cave Part One
* Tales of the riverbank (Glamorous Moles)
* “Bell”
* Pie Shop Deep Space Six
* A voracious Bricklayer & other matters (Times headlines of the 1790s)
* Lines written in a sordid hut