Joe Boyd’s Lucky 13 – Episode Six

Joe Boyd’s Lucky 13 – programme 6

Fina Estampa

Fina Estampa / Caetano Veloso

Cd: Fina Estampa

Mercury 73145289182

Paracuta / Chabuca Granda

Cd: Dejame que te Cuente

Nuevos Medios NM 15 8974

Maria Bonita / Augustin Lara

Cd: Sus Canciones Inolvidables

Nuevos Medios NM 15 655

Billie’s Sidemen

Easy to Love / Billie Holiday

Cd: The Billie Holiday collection, disc 1

Legacy 510721 2

Blues in D / Teddy Wilson

Lp: The Teddy Wilson story

CBS 66274

Cotton Tail / Duke Ellington

Cd: Big Ben vol 1

Proper Box P1245

Drake & Delius

River Man / Teddy Thompson

Live: Way To Blue, London Barbican Jan 2010

At Night / Frederick Delius

Cd: Williams / Delius

Nimbus NI 5208

River Man / Nick Drake

Lp: Five Leaves Left

Antilles AN 7010


Church Mouse / Dudu Pukwana

4 thoughts on “Joe Boyd’s Lucky 13 – Episode Six

  1. Mike Harrison

    This episode failed to download properly and will not play. In fact it freezes my player (Media Monkey 3 on Windows 7) and I have to close it down and restart it to play anything else.

  2. joe p.

    Joe B. –
    I’ve enjoyed all the episodes so far, but the Drake and Delius segment this week was just gorgeous. Keep going for 13 hundred weeks.

  3. Markus Schaer

    After enjoying “White Bicycle” – the funniest, nicest and best written book about the music business -, I found “Lucky 13” by chance from the first episode and have been enjoying it ever since. Thank you so much, Joe. And: Go on, beyond Episode 13.

    Besides, listen to this (must be the only time that I know more than you): There is an even more impressive cover of “River Man”, by the Albanian-born Swiss singer Elina Duni. Normally she sings folk songs from the Balkans with her excellent jazz trio, might be interesting for you.

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