OST 27.11.2010 – Robin the Fog

This weekly programme is dedicated to film, TV and library music, and is hosted by Jonny Trunk. But this week Jonny’s got the builders in, so long-standing OST engineer Robin the Fog is taking the hotseat to present two-hour smorgasbord of the funky, the strange and the diabolically instructional.  Features a world exclusive from Basil Kirchin, the wonderful Loretta Long, a tour of Jim Henson’s brain,  an overly-perky gent known only as the K-Tel Exercise Man; an awful lot of awkward 60’s small-talk and some screaming. Also features Alex Fitch, host of Resonance’s Panel Border’s show discussing the merits of Cilla Black. Fun for all the family!

Appears here ‘warts-and-all’ as it originally went out on 27/11/2010, so feel free to skip through the talky bits.  Here’s what we played:

Loretta Long: ABC Song (from the LP ‘Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street’, Scepter Records, 1970)

Bob Dorough: Ready or Not, Here I Come (from the LP ‘Multiplication Rock’, Captiol, 1973)

Electric Company Cast: Electric Company Main Theme (Warner Brothers 7″, 1972)

Loretta Long: Right in the Middle of My Face (from the LP ‘Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street’)

Bert: Clink, Clank (Columbia Records 7″, 1972)

Jim Henson: Tick Tock Sick (Signature Records 7″, 1960)

Bob Dorough: Four-Legged Zoo (from the LP ‘Multiplication Rock’)

Loretta Long: Three of These Sounds (from the LP ‘Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street’)

The Short Circus: Hard, Hard, Hard (from ‘The Electric Company OST’, CTW, 1972)

Bob McGraph: Why Choose to be Afraid (from ‘Bob McGraph from Sesame Street’, Affinity Records, 1970)

Electric Company: JJ to Brenda to Mark (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Bob Dorough: Three is a Magic Number (from the LP ‘Multiplication Rock’)

Jim Henson: The Countryside (Signature Records 7″, 1960)

Electric Company: Punctuation Song (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Bob McGraph: Good, Good Morning Day (from ‘Bob McGraph from Sesame Street’)

Electric Company: Fight! (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Electric Company: My Name is Kathy (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Bob Dorough and Blossom Dearie: Figure Eight (from the LP ‘Multiplication Rock’)

Loretta Long: Someday Little Children (CTW 7″, 1970)

Electric Company: Signs Song (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Hap Palmer: Bossa Nova to Eight (from ‘Math Readiness’ LP, 1980)

The Short Circus: Jelly Belly (from ‘The Electric Company OST’)

Les Chanteurs et L’Orchestre De Michel Triventi: Ulysse ’31 (from ‘Hit Parade des Enfants’, label and date unknown)

Basil Kirchin: Primitive London Part 1 (from ‘Primitive London OST’, forthcoming on Trunk Records)

Bob & Gertrude Kimble(?): S-T-R-E-T-C-H like a Cat (taken from ‘Rhythmic Activity Songs’, Kimbo Instructional Records c.1962)

Jim Henson with Raymond Scott: Limbo- The Organised Mind (taken from ‘Manhattan Research’, Basta Recordings, exact date unknown)

The K-Tel Exercise Man: K-Tel Multi-Exerciser Instructional Record (1st extract) (K-Tel, date unknown)

The Green Goddess: Jump (Renault Trucks Workout) (Renault Trucks 7″, c.1980)

Laban Movement Study Aids: Listen and Move extract (Laban, 78rpm shellac disc, date unknown)

The K-Tel Exercise Man: K-Tel Multi-Exerciser Instructional Record (2nd extract)

Linguaphone: English Lesson 14: Saturday Traffic (Linguaphone 7″, c.1962)

Dick Mills/BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Adagio (taken from ‘The Radiophonic Workshop’, BBC Records, 1975)

BBC Special Effects: The Countryside (taken from ‘BBC Sound Effects vol. 23- Relaxing Sounds’, BBC Records, 1979)

BBC Special Effects:  Screams (taken from ‘BBC Sounds Effects vol. 13- Sounds of Death and Horror’. BBC Records, 1977)

Basil Kirchin: Primitive London Part 4 (forthcoming on Trunk Records)

Unknown: BBC: Acetate disc marked November 1954

Loretta Long: Happy Talk (from the LP ‘Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street’)

With thanks/apologies to Jonny Trunk. To learn more about the great man and his work why not visit www.trunkrecords.com ? Go on, it’s super.