Ventures and Adventures in Topography

Episode 2: Leytonstone & Leyton - 
The North-Eastern frontier 
This week’s show comes to you entirely from 
Leytonstone & Leyton as Nick Papadimitriou and 
John Rogers explore the valley of the Philly Brook – 
the buried and forgotten stream that runs beneath 
the streets of the London zone that begat Alfred 
Hitchcock, London’s short-lived ‘Left Bank’ 
and the great Panjandum. This is an area sitting 
on the north-eastern frontier, within a triangulation 
of green spaces - Leyton Marshes, Wanstead Flats 
and Epping Forest. This is also a place that by the 
mid-1990s had the largest population of artists of 
anywhere in Britain. There are field recordings as 
Nick and John go in search of the stream and are 
joined by local historian David Boote and reading 
by Heidi Lapaine with music by Europa 51.

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