You Are Hear Sessions: Oddfellows Casino

The ODDFELLOWS CASINO session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on Feb 14th 2004

Oddfellows Casino is the latest incarnation of Brighton-based singer-songwriter David Bramwell. Drawing on elements of psychedelia, acid-folk, electronica and Canterbury jazz-rock (early Soft Machine) Oddfellows Casino played an intimate and pastoral set of warmth, melancholy and black humour.

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  1. lokerman


    Have a look to a interesting video I created to show off the dervishs dance from the guildwars nightfall weekend event.
    The dance the Dervish does is the same one that Christoper Walken did in the video for Fatboy Slims’ – Weapon of choice music video (hence the music used)

    Post your comments please


    Original for those that may not have seen it

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