Radio Gallery number 11: IF KONST2 / KONST2 IF

Authors: Konst2 and International Festival

The program plays out in many different ways. Konst2, the artists turned curators, invites International Festival, the curators and teachers making art, to become executors for a radio piece about Konst2, the artists. A word to mouth, buzz-marketing, undercover story about questioning the underlying motifs of the questioning of institutional frames. A doubling up on interdisciplinary stuff, short-circuiting connections by reconnecting, ending up in double standards, double meaning and double radio pleasure. Its 2 and its 2 again. Hell, it’s two as in nothing to lose and nothing to win; it’s 2 as in the end of proprietary exclamations, but shame on binary enterprises. International Festival Konst 2 / Konst 2 International Festival is a baroque folding, complexifying its existence by adding on the surface. A program on doubling and on 2 that ironically is broadcasted on the 11 September.

It is also International Festival’s relation to broadcasting, to the tone of voice and the opportunity for turbulence in highly public media. The program is a salutation to radio, to the theatricality implied in radio, which offers an inherent critique rather than an individual listeners experience of Pod casting. The radio as a background turned foreground and up in the face turned shadows for daily activity and work. Radio as a medium of radical distance, what is that machine in the kitchen babbling to us out of reach and easily turned of with a flip with your index finger. But radio is at the same time an extensively intimate set up allowing another, or many other’s voices to enter you private domain, voices that you can not look away from, voices of politics, intimacy and antagonism that you have lunch with and with which you produce relations.

Its two shows for the price of one. Its music in your mouth and just do it for your ears.

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