Radio Gallery 10: Radio Transmitted Time Capsule for 7006

Authors: Ryan Gander and Francesco Manacorda

The show RADIO TRANSMITTED TIME CAPSULE FOR 7006 gathers a selection of practitioners contributing to a real time capsule to be sealed after its presentation on resonance FM and hidden in 2 different locations for the benefit of future civilization. This aims to present future audience with relevant fragments of contemporary culture in the specific domain of visual art. We asked seven contributors to provide us with a 5 to 10 minutes long clip. These will form part of the time capsule material to send into the future.

Contributors are:

– Spencer Anthony
– Falke Pisano
– Aurelien Froment
– Juneau Projects
– Christodoulos Panayiotou
– Sandra Terdjman, “A capsule of sound to imagine the invisible captured by Orphee, Tom Mc Carthy, Loris Greaud, Mario Garcia Torres and Jordan Wolfson”
– Martin Vincent

Narrated by Louise Hayward.