Yummy Mummy: Series 2, episode 2

Resonance FM’s high-octane, low-concept children’s light entertainment bonanza for forward-thinking little people and backward-thinking big people. This week everyone at the station is very excited to be receiving a visit from HRH The Prince of Radio, especially despotic station commander Thomas-Weaver-Baxter, who is planning to desperately beg for an increase in funding. Unfortunately he just happens to be passing underneath the ladder where Yummy Mummy is making some last-minute repairs to the Resonance FM escutcheon and receives a spanner to the cranium, thereby drastically impairing his begging abilities. Will jazz-physician Dr. Gillespie’s experimental hard-bop technique work its remedy before the princely motorcade graces the car-park? Will Resonance receive its much needed cash injection? What exactly is an escutcheon? And is anybody actually listening? Find out inside!

Originally broadcast 11/10/2010