Yummy Mummy: Series 2, episode 1

Resonance FM’s high-octane, low-concept children’s light entertainment bonanza for forward-thinking little people and backward-thinking big people. Everyone is very happy this week that Resonance FM is being forced to air another series of it’s reasonably popular children’s entertainment show YMSR. And with good reason, because in a first show packed to the very gills with top-drawer radio fodder, a troop of Girl Guides will be visiting the studio to regale us with a camp-fire classic. And if that doesn’t sound like enough of a roller-coaster ride of excitement and intrigue, how about the mysterious threats the show has been receiving from a disenfranchised former presenter? Or the ominous ticking noise coming from the base of the Resonance FM antennae? Slightly confusing fun for children of all ages.

Originally Broadcast on 04/10/2010