Midnight Sex Talk – Bisexuality

Originally aired June 19th 2005.

“We had a packed Midnight Sex Talk on Sunday, so packed that I didn’t get a chance to go off on one about some of my past experiences. Probably just as well, really. ‘Ollie’ talked us through life of a bisexual man, and Marc from Bicon told us about this year’s bisexual shindig in Worcester, 25-29th August. Any excuse for a party – it’s not all about activism. Mind you, as we know, anyone who doesn’t have a strict gay-or-straight identity gets their share of attitude, from both sides. We all need a safe space now and again.

Emily Dubberley, very busy author of the recently published Brief Encounters – The Women’s Guide To Casual Sex, gave us the lowdown on bi-curiosity.

No show about bisexuality could avoid mentioning David Bowie, and the alleged caught-in-bed-with-Mick-Jagger story, despite the fact that his public declaration in the early seventies can be seen as a bit of a publicity stunt. Whatever whatever, he inspired a lot of people. As did Tom Robinson, who had the balls to sing about being gay long before anyone else did, and then had the even bigger balls to change direction and take the flak for it.”

And Dr Who now has a bisexual character, inter-galactic time-traveller Captain Jack Harkness. In a way, how could a time-traveller be anything other than bi? See also: Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. SpongeBob Squarepants put in an appearance, as did Top Cat.

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