Grizzle: “Best Of” Podcast

Grizzle was created to provide exposure for underground producers who’s styles are not catered for on mainstream radio. To gain skills in programme making, broadcasting and promote their work to a wider audience. Many thanks to Resonance FM and EMS synths and awards for all who supported us and everyone who contributed. The series ran for six months and featured new uk hiphop, breakbeat and spoken word. This is a compilation of series highlights featuring a mix of exclusives created for the show, featured artists and interviews.

For more information:

  1. intro/disclaimer – Robin Warren
  2. grizzle theme (unreleased – exclusive to grizzle) by zero-k.
  3. the T featuring colin wilson (unreleased – exclusive to grizzle) by zero-k / earthhiphop.
  4. untitled skit (exclusive to grizzle) by jay king/ earthhiphop.
  5. click klack featuring carly c / enzo / thai cat by jay king.
  6. jedi knight (unreleased – exclusive to grizzle) by zero-k.
  7. very ominous bosch by skynthesizer / tools in the hands of fools.
  8. lord chelmfords dispatch skit by jay king.
  9. london town (unreleased) by zero-k / earthhiphop / jay king.
  10. bring em mixtape edit (unreleased) by jay king.
  11. alex duke interviews big cakes + free style (exclusive to grizzle).
  12. the bandwagon by big cakes (zone2 records).
  13. alex duke interviews orfa + free style (exclusive to grizzle).
  14. get wid it by orfa (children of the crow).
  15. take a walk thru the valley of the hashashin skit by jay king.
  16. god save the queen & home sweet home by tuggstar from the africa ep.
  17. break by spifire featuring crystalize / mr fox (urbanise records)
  18. strictly for the flow (unreleased – exclusive to grizzle) by zero-k / hemz.
  19. smack by nabba / jay king.
  20. blue ribbon obby oss field recording by zero-k.
  21. south west coast of england by skynthesizer / tools in the hands of fools.

(2006 ©copyright control: zero-k / earthhiphop / jay king / tools in the hands of fools / zone2 records / children of the crow / tuggstar / urbanise records)