Rhythm Incursions: Podcast Show #1

Rhythm Incursions is a show aiming to cover the divergent music that takes hip hop as a core influence. From the leftfield work of the Bully Records label through to the dubbed-out illbient of the Wordsound label, from The Bug’s sonic experimentation to Machine Drum’s shattered beats, this is the show filling a musical gap on UK radio.

The show is 60 minutes long. Here is the tracklisting:

Kevin Eldon Resonance FM Shoutout
Intro: Fallen – Tubbybeat [unreleased]
Mutamassik – m28 [Sound Ink]
DJ Flack – Klez Dub [Beat Research]
Waxfactor – SRB RMX feat Mista Ed [Needlework Records]
Teledubgnosis – In Heaven, A Devil (The Bug Heaven Dub) [Wordsound]
Sixtoo – track from “Duration” [Bully Records]
2tall – Rain pt.2 [Needlework Records]
Baby Blak – Just Begun (King Honey Raw Mix) [Sound Ink]
Urban Haiku – Pussyriders [Carbon Logic]
DJ Mayonnaise – Reverse Thought [unreleased]
David Last – Cat Silver [The Agriculture]
P Love – Blue and Brown [Bully Records]
Vex’d – Pop Pop VIP [Planet Mu]
Murderbot – Fi You [Mashit]

Click here to download the show! (73Mb)

One thought on “Rhythm Incursions: Podcast Show #1

  1. outa_spaceman

    really enjoyed this….
    except for pussyriders,
    that’s just soooo rude, yuk!
    but the rest, fantastic..
    want more, want more…
    it made my working day shorter..
    now get on with the next episode…

    (keeping abreast, oh please!)

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