Hooting Yard: Blodgett Island Parts 3 and 4

Lothar Preen and Dobson are trudging through the forest. They meet up with Blodgett and go to the hatch.

Dobson : “What is this thing?”

Blodgett : “Exactly. It’s time we talked about this.”


The Grunty Man is packing salted fish on to the raft. Old Halob asks fictional athlete Bobnit Tivol if he has any knowledge of maritime matters. “Are you voting me off?” shouts fictional athlete Bobnit Tivol. He heads off angrily to see Marigold Chew. He tells her he knows she is a fugitive from justice. “Your secret’s safe with me but you’re not getting my spot on the raft!”

Marigold Chew : “If I want your spot I’ll get it”

This exciting conclusion to Blodgett Island was originally recorded on the 11th Jan 2006. For a complete transcript, please visit the Hooting Yard website. Photo by Kevmander.