Clear Spot – How Life Begins (Lynn Ruth Miller)

Clear Spot – 8th June 2010

How Life Begins – a collection of writings by Lynn Ruth Miller,
adapted and directed by Dimitri Devdariani

Narrated by Lynn Ruth Miller, with Linda Large, Victoria  Johnston, Matthew Dexter, Frederic D’Amore and Peter Anderson.

Sound/post production by Lee Stapleford.

Directed by Dimitri Devdariani

Lynn Ruth Miller is an American writer, comedienne, performer, and
artist. She calls herself a “late bloomer” as her creativity truly
flourished later in life. However, once it did, her artistic career
took off with tremendous force; Lynn regularly participates in the
Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals, and attracts large, mostly
young, audiences who admire her original humour and refreshing energy.
She is the author of 11 novels, numerous short stories and many
colourful paintings. Her comedy routines are loved in London and USA.

Dimitri Devdariani trained as an actor, director and  playwright. He
sees himself mostly as a director and that’s the career he would like
to pursue. Dimitri staged various classical and modern plays both in
London and his native Georgia. Amongst them are “Uncle Vanya” by Anton
Chekhov, “Sorceress” by Alexander Kuprin, “Mad Girl” by Yoshio
Mishima, “Desperate Improvisations” by  Jan Hendrik Verstraten and
“Pandora’s Boxes” by Denise O’Leary.

“How Life Begins” is Dimitri’s second radio project and he is
delighted to be working with Lynn Ruth Miller and  Resonance FM.