Wavelength – Outsiders, Rev. Fred Lane et al

Ron Pate’s Debonairs featuring Rev. Fred Lane play Volare from Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue originally recorded in 1975 and issued in an edition of 200 copies with covers cut from end rolls of pizza box cardboard. This CD reissue dates from 2003 enabled by Ed Baxter. Jack Smith’s Earthquake Orgy from Tony Conrad’s soundtrack for Flaming Creatures, recorded 1962. Wild Man Fischer sings Young at Heart from the CD Wildmania 2004 (1977). Wild Classical Music Ensemble; Rien de Rien and Tears from the Ensemble, sub rosa 2008. McSpeedy; improvisations pour l’emission Implosief sur un truc de dd De Meuter et Mozart Me de Lost (Kris Engelen) from sub rosa CD Musics in the Margin. Ludwin; San Francisco. Philippe; I’ve been looking, and la ballade des gens heureux. Guillaume; ambient, all from Bokan! sub rosa 2006.