Hooting Yard: Velcro, Dubbin and Crayons

The Tantarabim Carton was recovered from an old potting shed by Dobson, during one of his forays into what he called anarcho-‘patapsychoarchaeolontology. It is a ceremonial carton which was used for unknown purposes during ceremonies prosecuted by the Bleach-Splattered Tantarabim Priesthood. Grim and horrifying these rituals may have been, but not the carton. It is 45 cm. in height, has a jewel-encrusted crimplene base, ivory fluting, ruched silk underbelts, hectic trimmings, a delightful milky-green ribbed spandole, villainous scraping marks, a gutta percha rim, opalescent bison-head motifs, swivelling glutinous beads inlaid with serried gems, fleur-de-lys hatching, precise web-and-tuck dufraiment, talc stipples, a riband nightside opening on the velveteen casing, some rather brusque kaolin relief work, tiny cack-iron clips, berry lagging, a splendid gilt Spode handle, and corky frets on the oversling.

  • My Little Blind Crow
  • The Windows in the Villa
  • Museology (The Discovery of the Tantarabim Carton)
  • Crononhotonthologos
  • Hoon Hing Boom Bang a Bang
  • Notes on Norton the First
  • Today’s Soup Recipe
  • Mrs Gubbins’ New Publishing Venture
  • A Sad Story ( The Tale of Gervaise Birdlip )
  • Quotation from “Man From The Wrong Time-Track” by Dennis Plimmer
  • Reviews of “Ulysses”
  • Quotation from St Bernard of Clairvaux about Jugglers
  • Quotation from “The Thing that Dined on Death” by John Knox

This episode was first broadcast on the 26th October 2005. A complete transcript of this episode can be found on the Hooting Yard Website.