Panel Borders: Comic Sushi and Public Servants

Panel Borders: Comic Sushi and Public Servants
Originally broadcast 11/02/10 as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

Continuing this month’s look at webcomics, Dickon Harris speaks to a couple of creators of very different online strips at the Movies Comics and Manga expo in London’s Docklands. Liz Lunney creates a variety of humourous and cute animal strips under the anthology title ‘Online Comic Sushi’ which she has also printed in collections such as ‘Bears in your Face / The Man with Tetris on his Chin’ and ‘I Love Dinosaurs and they Love Me’ which led to her inclusion in the American Indie publisher Top Shelf’s collection of online comics, Top Shelf 2.0.
David O’Connell also makes family friendly comics in the form of his ongoing web strip ‘Tozo: The Public Servant’, a European ‘Clear line’ style comic reminiscent of Hergé, which tells the tale of a police inspector on the island city of Nova Venezia, who has been ordered to investigate the murder of Luco Lello, an employee of the Financial Exchange. His investigations include the mysterious but troublesome Spider Empire and the Ombra Society, led by the sinister Lady Magdalene, who travel by airship and Tozo is always accompanied by his sidekick, the mecha-golem ‘Klikker’!

Excerpts from Depressed Cat by Lizz Lunney and Tozo by David O Connell

Excerpts from Depressed Cat by Lizz Lunney and Tozo by David O Connell

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Pages at Top Shelf 2.0
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David O’Connell – Website:
Livejournal page:
Read Tozo: The Public Servant from the first page
Interview with David conducted by Garen Ewing
Listen to previews interviews about Clair Ligne comics conducted by Alex Fitch and Dickon Harris

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