Voice On Record

Episode 14 – Elephants and Heffalumps

Minimum/Maximum – i.e. a minimal number of records but which contain stories about large things, namely heffalumps and elephants. These two records are from two of my favourite labels, Argo and Caedmon, who together, have put out the most astonishing array of the highest quality material. I strongly urge you to go and seek out anything they have released and buy it!

Voice On Record is produced and presented by Sean Williams. Each episode features a selection of recordings of the human voice which have been preserved on vinyl. Historic events stand alongside esoteric guides to better bowling. Arid studio recordings are juxtaposed with location recordings rich with fascinating incidental sounds.

Originally broadcast on December 1st 2009.

One thought on “Voice On Record

  1. a.a milne

    I very much enjoy both heffalumps and elephants, and found this recording sufficiently to my liking.

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