The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Christmas Special

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show has been kick starting live programming each weekend on 104.4 FM since the wavelength first became home to Resonance FM back in the Spring of 2002.

This 90 minute magazine style show runs from noon until 1.30pm every Saturday lunchtime.

The programme is mostly cram packed with bountiful live music sessions and also features upcoming listings information for London’s thriving underground music scene!

‘Michael Garrad’s 12 Days of Christmas’

In which our regular sound engineer Michael selects his Top 12 sessions recorded live on Hello GoodBye throughout 2009.

12 Drummers Drumming:

B.C – “Volcano Blues” (3rd January 2009)

11 Pipers Piping:

James III – “untitled” (3rd January 2009)

10 Lords a’ Leaping:

Teeth of the Sea – “A Sentimental Journey” (24th January 2009)

9 Ladies Dancing:

Sons of Noel and Adrian – “The Wreck is not a Boat” (7th March 2009)

8 Maids a’ Milking:

Blue Bambinos – “Driving in my Car” (25th April 2009)

7 Swans a’ Swimming:

Smoke Fairies – “River Song” (24th October 2009)

6 Geese a’ Laying:

Le Tetsuo – “It’s All On Sale” (26th September 2009)

5 Gold Rings:

Private Trousers – “The Storm” (21st November 2009)

4 Calling Birds:

Poino – “Tipp-Hex Snippet” (14th November 2009)

3 French Hens:

Braindead Collective – “Stoke and Gesture” (28th November 2009)

2 Turtle Doves:

Lime-Headed Dog – “Lorenzo” and “Flavours of Crisps” (12th December 2009)

A Partridge in a Pear Tree:

The Sticks – “Eee Yeah”, “Master Soldier”, “Under Pressure”, “Radio Song”, “Land Game”, “Say Yeah”, “Cut My Head” (27th June 2009)