Electric Sheep podcast: Living in Harmony with Ian Rakoff

Electric Sheep podcast: Living in Harmony with Ian Rakoff

Patrick McGoohan filming Living in Harmony / Ian Rakoff at Comica 2003

Patrick McGoohan filming Living in Harmony / Ian Rakoff at Comica 2003

To coincide with the 42nd anniversary of the broadcast of the episode he wrote the original script for, Alex Fitch talks to writer, editor and raconteur Ian Rakoff about his experiences working on The Prisoner and being an observer of British Film culture in the 1970s and beyond. Alex and Ian talk about the bowdlerisation of his script for ‘Living in Harmony’, the latter’s experiences with Lindsay Anderson on such films as If…. and O lucky man!, working with Nicolas Roeg, Stephen Frears and John Boorman and his lifetime interest in comic books.

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Interview with Ian at www.paulgravett.com
Info about the Victoria and Albert Museum‘s comic book collections
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Buy Ian’s book Inside the “Prisoner”: Radical Television and Film in the 1960s from amazon.co.uk
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Listen to / watch Alex’s interview with Malcolm McDowell and Mike Kaplan about working with Lindsay Anderson
Photo credits – Ian Rakoff courtesy of “Jinty” and Patrick McGoohan courtesy of www.amctv.com

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