Midnight Sex Talk: Groupies – aired 14th August 2005

What a superb line-up on Midnight Sex Talk this week! For a start, we achieved a most enlightening encounter with The Reverend D Wayne Love of Alabama 3, who spoke from the upstairs room about his extensive exploits with the ladies. There’s something very special he likes done with a toothbrush, girls!

We also managed to get the sublime Marianne Hyatt on the phone, who’s up in Edinburgh right now in satirical cabaret A Girl Called George, and who has a very useful technique for getting groupies to back off. We garnered drunken quotes from a wide selection of musicians, who pretty much agreed that The Code Of The Road (see Rule #1) still holds good. (Above, the Reverend, taken from efestivals.co.uk where yet more divine portraits are available as e-cards.)

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