Wavelength – 2008 May 2nd Adrian Mitchell, Art and Language

Joseph Beuys, Cornelius Cardew and Fredric Rzewski
Adrian Mitchell; Ode on the assassination of President Johnson; To whom it may concern, from the LP A Laugh, A Song, A Hand-Grenade (Transatlantic Records 1968).
Art and Language and the Red Crayola; Corrected Slogans 1976;
An Harangue; Organisation. Joseph Beuys; Excerpt from Cooper Union Dialogue 1980. Cornelius Cardew; Smash the Social Contract, from We Only Want the Earth (2001 musicnow).
Fredric Rzewski; excerpt (finale) from The People United Will Never Be Defeated! 36 Variations on a Chilean Song.
Ursula Oppens, piano (Vanguard 1978)