Reality Check: Predicting the present with Cory Doctorow

Reality Check: Predicting the present with Cory Doctorow

Photo of Cory Doctorow by Joi Ito (, licensed CC-BY

In the latest episode of Reality Check, Sci-Fi London’s fortnightly podcast, Alex Fitch talks to writer Cory Doctorow about his work, focussing on his novel Little Brother and short story collection Over Clocked.
Alex and Cory also talk about the latter’s interest in technology and disseminating information plus the kinds of science fiction that interested him as a developing writer from George Orwell to William Gibson.
The podcast includes Jessica Fostekew‘s reading of his short story Printcrime….

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Links: More info about Cory’s work can be found at his website
Also read his essays and technology links at
Read PrintCrime online at
Check out Jess’ CV online at
Visit Joi Ito’s website who photographed Cory Doctorow (shared under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence)

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