Panel Borders: Adapting prose for manga, games and genre comics

Panel Borders: Adapting prose for manga, games and genre comics

Broadcast 28/05/09 in an edited version as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

Covers to Dead Space - the comic, issues 1 to 3 by Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith

Covers to Dead Space, the comic - issues 1 to 3 by Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith

Concluding adaptation and inspiration month on the show, Alex Fitch talks to writer and graphic designer Antony Johnston about combining text and image in comics and other media from his illustrated novella Frightening Curves to enriching the computer game he scripted – Dead Space – with a comic book prequel and interactive websites. Alex and Antony also talk about the latter’s influences, writing the new Wolverine Manga and adapting the prose work of Alan Moore and Anthony Horowitz into comic book format.

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Links: Antony’s website – and pages on wikipedia and google books
Interview about, interactive website and review of Dead Space
Oni Press’ official Wasteland website
Avatar Press microsite about Antony’s first collaboration with Alan Moore – The Courtyard
Extracts from Antony’s Alex Rider adaptations at
Review of Wolverine manga
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Comics / sci-fi news: is now live, being a resource for Japan’s performance art of telling stories with sequential images, including info on the next London performance of the form on May 31st…

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