Audio Adventures: Ice Cream Van Music

Tim Pickup explores the low-fi world of Ice-Cream van chimes; the crudely synthesized ditties that herald the arival of the van full of frozen treats. Today’s show features a wide variety of anoying tunes, plus the perplexing legalities of the use of ice-cream chimes in public.

Ice Cream Van

You might also be interested in this history of ice-cream van melodies courtesy of The Music Thing.

9 thoughts on “Audio Adventures: Ice Cream Van Music

  1. ginny reed

    Dear Tim,
    I really enjoyed your Podcast and was wondering where you got your sound files from?
    I am currently making a (non-commercial) film that fuses views of streets at the end of the summer with the sounds of ice-cream van chimes.
    I am having a devil of a time trying to find chime recordings, especially the older ones.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Costas Liamis

    Where can i find clasic ice cream van tunes for my van in greece please?Im having a herd time finding them.

  3. abe cambridge

    I am as post grad student and to make money I walk around campus selling ice creams I bought from Asda at a great mark up. I have just downloaded this podcast and play it from a portable speaker from my belt and my sales have gone through the roof. Thanks.

  4. beth

    Can i still download this podcast?! i am using ice cream chimes to create an audio for my BA fine art exhibition. this podcast looks perfect!

  5. James Gill

    Could someone please e-mail me some chimes


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