Midnight Sex Talk: Body Modifications – aired 31st July 2005

This week on Midnight Sex Talk we’re taking you on a journey from body piercing to full-on labiaplasty. For decorative purposes, or a fetish, people do all sorts of striking but painful-looking things to themselves: Warning! This is not for the squeamish!. Actually, nor are these: split tongue, decorative penile implants and split penis.

But on the ‘medical’ side of things, an increasing number of people, (mostly women, but not all), are opting to have their most cherished erogenous zones cut into, for the sake of – um, what? In the West, we get very agitated, and rightly so, about Female Genital Mutilation as practised in parts of Africa and the Middle East. But, if you take the Martian perspective, you might well ask yourself why women in the supposedly free and educated West are actively volunteering to have similar things done to themselves, albeit in a more hygienic environment.

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