Foot & Mouth – Episode 6

Episode 6/6.

In this, the final survey, Nick Hamilton reflects on decades of walking the streets of London and describes how he reached the point of no return.  In an attempt to exorcise his demons he goes walking, talking and drinking with the artist, poet and magician Robin Bale. Together the pair encounter a trio of cockney doggers whilst searching for entrances to the underworld. Finally, in the Bicycle Graveyard a ritual is performed…

Robin Bale is a member of the Savage Messiah and We Are Bad collectives.

Originally broadcast during the week beginning 5th April 2009.

Nick Hamilton’s psychogeophonic investigation into Hackney with contributions from Iain Sinclair, Stewart Home, John Barker, We Are Bad/Savage Messiah, Charles Adegoke, Olga Panades, Xavier Zapata, Alan Hayday, Jonny Mugwump & Sally Mumby-Croft.

All sounds and conversations recorded on location in Hackney.