Foot & Mouth – Episode 3

Episode 3/6: This week’s show features memories culled from conversations with John Barker and Stewart Home. John Barker has lived in Hackney for around 40 years and has vivid memories of both local politics and drinking establishments. Stewart Home reads a piece he wrote for his ‘Smile’ magazine about Hackney pubs frequented by local militants and later on he discusses his own memories of haircuts, popstars and illegal restaurants.

Originally broadcast during the week beginning 14th March 2009.

Nick Hamilton’s psychogeophonic investigation into Hackney with contributions from Iain Sinclair, Stewart Home, John Barker, We Are Bad/Savage Messiah, Charles Adegoke, Olga Panades, Xavier Zapata, Alan Hayday, Jonny Mugwump & Sally Mumby-Croft.

All sounds and conversations recorded on location in Hackney.