Foot & Mouth – Episode 2

Episode 2/6:  A collage of found sounds and field recordings including Iain Sinclair and dowser Alan Hayday discussing memory whilst tracing the route of the Hackney Brook, Renchie Bicknell recalling two surreal experiences he witnessed whilst working as a gardener in Victoria Park in the early 1970’s, Charles Adegoke’s appeal for help in finding his ring, and Nick Hamilton’s strange encounter on a foggy afternoon in London Fields.

Originally broadcast during the week beginning 7th March 2009.

Nick Hamilton’s psychogeophonic investigation into Hackney with contributions from Iain Sinclair, Stewart Home, John Barker, We Are Bad/Savage Messiah, Charles Adegoke, Olga Panades, Xavier Zapata, Alan Hayday, Jonny Mugwump & Sally Mumby-Croft.

All sounds and conversations recorded on location in Hackney.