Panel Borders: Captain Britain

Panel Borders: Captain Britain by Alan Davis and Paul Cornell

Originally broadcast 05/03/09 as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

Excalibur by Alan Davis featuring Captain Britain and X-Men

Excalibur by Alan Davis featuring Captain Britain and X-Men

It’s the start of ‘classic heroes’ month on Panel Borders and to kick off, Alex Fitch is talking to two of the creators of the UK’s very own superhero – Captain Britain. Alex talks to Alan Davis, the artist and writer of the strip in the early 80s, who together with help from writers Alan Moore and Jamie Delano rescued the character from oblivion with esoteric storylines, a great supporting cast and a terrific new costume. Alex also talks to author Paul Cornell about his recent revamp of the character in the new comic Captain Britain and MI:13 which sees the Captain get a 21st Century make-over while encountering such nefarious characters as Count Dracula and Gordon Brown!

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