Hooting Yard: Cuppid

Cuppid is, as you might expect, related to Cupid, although there is a lot more than that extra P to help you distinguish between them. Cuppid is composed of both toxic and non-toxic gases, and tinkles a little golden bell whenever it alights upon the hairy back of a bison, which it often does, for Cuppid’s favourite haunts are the vast plains of North America. I say it because Cuppid is, if not exactly a hermaphrodite, neither male nor female, although sometimes when its gases cool and take on liquid form it can bear a fugitive resemblance to Sonja Henie (1912-1969), the legendary Norwegian figure skating champion. Such moments can be dangerous for Cuppid, for it is volatile, and seeks warmer air urgently to return to its gaseous state.

  • Mr Bewg’s Reference
  • Two extracts from “A Zest for Crumpled Things”
  • Soup (A Chewist Text)
  • Frustum, Tang, Sluice (An exciting adventure of Confidential Agent Blot)
  • Scenes from the Lives of the Poets Number 1: Maude Abdab
  • Cuppid
  • A Lecture by Canute Hellhound (An extract from “40 Visits to the Worm Farm”)

This episode was first broadcast on 4th May 2005.