Audio Adventures: Um

Speech disfluencies are parts of speech which are not generally recognized as purposeful or containing formal meaning, usually expressed as pauses such as uh or er, but also extending to repairs (“He was wearing bla—uh, blue pants”), and articulation problems such as stuttering. Use is normally looked down upon in mass media such as news reports or films, but they occur regularly in everyday conversation – Wikipedia
This episode is a celebration of umming and ahhing, the bits between the words in our everyday language.

3 thoughts on “Audio Adventures: Um

  1. Dan

    The podcast feed for Audio Adventures doesn’t seem to be working – I’m using iTunes but it can’t establish a connection. This button above is all very well, but I can’t download the audio file and listen at my convenience, which is something that I’ve been doing with Frank Key’s excellent Hooting Yard for a while and which I have now come to demand as my god-given right (in a petulant nasal whine). Is it a deliberate thing? Or is there another link I can use?


  2. Biff

    Excellent idea, the BBC News 24 bit had me grinning,
    Shame the show is terribly recorded and distorted though (and no I’m not talking about mp3 artifacts).
    Also, you can hardly call it a ‘podcast’ if it’s not downloadable can you!
    People seem to have latched onto this awful buzzword ‘podcast’ without realising what it was intended to mean.

    Sorry to be negative, really enjoying the Audio Adventures Series, keep up the good work!

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