Midnight Sex Talk: Infidelity

Midnight Sex Talk – Infidelity

We really should have done this show as an all-night charity marathon, there’s so much to talk about. It would be like They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? but no-one would get tired. As usual, however, Midnight Sex Talk will be giving you the essence of the subject in just 60 high-quality minutes.

Have you played away? Have you discovered your other half at it? How did you find out? Was it tell-tale bruises, stubble burn or a simple stray email? Do you think infidelity is even an issue? Is monogamy a pointless social construct that puts needless pressure on people? Or is it a valuable rule to arrange your life around?

Helping things along in the studio is journalist Piers Hernu, who can be spotted doing all kinds of loveable rogue-type things around the darker parts of the global village. We’ve also got an interview with Stephen Green of Christian Voice. Enough said!

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