Panel Borders: The Work of Raymond Briggs

Panel Borders: The Work of Raymond Briggs

Originally broadcast 08/01/09 as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

In the first Panel Borders of 2009, Alex Fitch is talking to the beloved British children’s illustrator Raymond Briggs who in the 1970s created some of the most treasured kids books of the late twentieth century such as The Snowman, Father Christmas and Fungus the Bogeyman which were all turned into successful and memorable animated cartoons in the following decade.

If many people only know his work from the cartoons, it’s entirely possible they don’t realise that Briggs has been drawing his books in comic strip format since the early 70s and is one of Britain’s finest and ironically least recognised comic book creators. This has started to change in recent years with the last year alone seeing Briggs talk about his work on stage alongside Brian Talbot at Comica at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, being awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Cartoon Art Trust while Jonthan Cape reissued Gentleman Jim as one of their classic British Graphic Novels…

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Links: Buy Raymond’s books from: Random House / Jonthan Cape or Penguin books

Read an extract from Gentleman Jim on the New York Magazine website

Watch an extract from When the Wind Blows on youtube

See Raymond and his most famous creation show off a deckchair he designed for charity

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Jessica Fostekew and Other Jokers
‘So You Think You’re Funny’ Semi-Finalist 2008, Jessica Fostekew, brings you a bundle of twisted treats! Stand-up Comedy followed by a sinister and silly tale of character and sketch comedy. Jessica hit the UK stand-up circuit like a thunderbolt of joy in January 2008. She has appeared at prestigious clubs such as ‘Up The Creek’, ‘The Comedy Café’ and ‘Spank’. Quarter-Finalist in ‘Laughing Horse Competition’ last year, she recently won ‘The Lion’s Den’ in November 2008 and performs regularly all over the country.
We will then delight you with the tale of various freaky folk in an alternate world, a London not entirely different from our own, but one where a few people are on back to front. Starring Jessica Fostekew, Maxine Ridout, Jo Bowis, Toby Williams and Drummond Bowskill.

21 / 22 Jan 2009, 7.30pm Canal Cafe Theatre, Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, Paddington, London, W2 6ND


Sci-Fi London 2009 (29 Apr – 4 May) has been nominated as one of the best things to do this year by The Times, so put it in your diaries now! It’s going to be amazing (and I only know about the events I’m organising!)…