I’m ready for my close-up: Silent horror and cinematic opera

I’m ready for my close-upSilent horror and cinematic opera
to be broadcast on 30/10/08 as part of the 8pm Clear Spot on Resonance FM

A special podcast episode of I’m ready for my close-up: Alex Fitch talks to Robert Rider, cinema programmer at the Barbican centre in London about their season of silent horror films which includes such films as Der Golem and The Man who laughs with scores that range from classic piano accompaniment to DJ mixing. Alex and Richard also talk about the centre’s presentations of New York Met. operas such as “Doctor Atomic” and Robert Lapage’s production of “The Damnation of Faust”.

The home of the audio podcast can be found at www.archive.org

Links: Info on screenings of Barbican screenings of silent horror films and New York Met. operas
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