The Exciting Hellebore Shew: Unlistenable Special

Piping out unenlightened smog for the inverted jet nozzle of your sound perception to spray your brain internally with sweet anti-music… you guessed it, we present a compilation of deliberately unlistenable noise-musics.

  • Introduction, recounting the story of essex white-van lads who force passers-by to listen to happy-hardcore and gabba techno resulting in their arrest.
  • Sweet, Sweet Anti-Music.
  • Pulsar Cannon – an electro pop number simoltaneously boasting of Dan’s game-playing ability whilst bemoaning his own sense of social exclusion.
  • Tape made for George Webster’s Mum – Please do not let your son insult me in those ways. He casts doubt on my sexuality.
  • Untitled Track (Recorded on two tape-recorders in a bornmouth hotel. )
  • Jim’l Fix It