Hooting Yard: Soup Committee

“Dobson woke up one wintry morning with an idea in his head. This was not uncommon, but usually his ideas could be – and were – dashed off in a brief pamphlet. Not so the gigantic multi-volume work he pictured in his mind, a compendium of every known soup recipe ever conceived, throughout human history, from the dawn of time to today’s date, across all cultures and civilisations. Even Dobson realised that he could not accomplish so mighty a project single-handed, so he asked Marigold Chew to draw up a list of likely contributors. The Soup Committee was her idea. Reasoning that if she invited people to take part in a Dobson plan they would probably decline, and thus shatter the pamphleteer’s already shattered nerves, she used her usual hardline tactics. The letter she sent out to over eight hundred unsuspecting souls is preserved in the Dobson Archive.”

  • Introduction: Doppleganger
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Dobson’s Soup Committee
  • Political Animals
  • Pontiff: Pius XII
  • Lecture:About Enchatons
  • Tiny Enid Extinguishes a Volcano
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (Incomplete)