Panel Borders: Chew Spider-Man

Panel Borders: Chew Spider-Man

Concluding a month of shows comparing independent and ‘mainstream’ comics, Alex Fitch talks to writers John Layman and Dan Slott about writing American comic books and the appeal of scripting villains. John Layman discusses his terrific creator-owned title Chew, published by Image Comics, which depicts the travails of a psychic cop investigating food related crimes, plus his tenure on other titles such as Mars Attacks and Detective Comics.
Dan Slott explains why he maneuvered Spider-Man’s nemesis Doctor Octopus into Peter Parker’s brain for an intriguing 33 issue run of the Marvel Comic Superior Spider-Man, and how he managed to slip appearances of the character into other comics he’s written from New Warriors to Ren and Stimpy! (Recorded at London Super Comic Con and originally broadcast 28th May 2015 on Resonance 104.4 FM)

Excerpts from Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott and various / CHew by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Excerpts from Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott and various / Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory

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