Six Pillars – New Music From Iran VI, Siavash Amini

6pillarsThis and next episode on Six Pillars we commissioned two shows from Tehran-based producer Siavash Amini, aka The Waterfront.

This week Amini looks at new ambient music released from Iran in 2014, Iranian ambient artists included are Siavash, Arash Akbari , Porya Hatami and Tegh.
Next Tuesday we’ll be hearing about IDM/Techno and noise from Amini. Earlier episodes of New Music from Iran, and this time last year in fact, we heard Amini discuss his methods for composition and research online and about the state of his music scene currently in Tehran.

Broadcasts 9-9.30pm Tuesday 16th December repeats Thursday 4pm. Listen online via or

Six Pillars – New Music from Iran VI, Siavash Amini by 6pillars

One thought on “Six Pillars – New Music From Iran VI, Siavash Amini

  1. roger mills

    Hi there, I often listen to your show from Sydney and thought I would let you know about a new album by my telematic music group Ethernet Orchestra that features international musicians improvising from Iran, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and the United States. This includes instruments such as Persian tar, and tanbur, Mongolian Horse fiddle and throat singing blended with sonic art electronics and processed trumpet, guitar, and saxophone performing freely improvised music.

    Diaspora is released through the Chilean net label Pueblo Nuevo and is free to download under creative commons license.

    If you like any of it enough to play it, let me know and I’ll put it out through our networks.


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