Hooting Yard: Tales of the Uncanny

They called him MacTavish, and he was the village wrestler. He lived in a room above the post office. No other living being ever set foot in the room until the day MacTavish died. They found him lying on his bed, as if he were asleep, but there was no doubt that he was dead, for hovering above his chest was a baleful phantom, emitting gruesome suppurations of foul-smelling extraterrestrial hideousness which it poured into a funnel inserted into MacTavish’s right ear. They closed up the room and nailed the door shut and it remained unopened for the next hundred years.

  • Three “Tales of the Uncanny”
  • More About my Bomba
  • Cosmic Friends – extracts from a pamphlet about extra terrestrial communication.
  • Norwegian Woll
  • Claude
  • Wedd Star
  • So you want to become a Haruspex?
  • Jarvis and Cubbit