Hello GoodBye – 30.11.13 – Ft: Tristan Burfield, Paul Hawkins + Giant Burger

Paul Hawkins - Bad Santas
Giant Burger
Tristan Burfield

Hello GoodBye on Resonance FM sees Giant Burger and Tristan Burfield perform live in session on the show and Paul Hawkins reads from his new book Bad Santas.

Tristan Burfield – 9 Songs on Gameboy (LIVE SESSION)
Extradition Order – Like a President
Fat White Family – Who Shot Lee Oswald?
Tristan Burfield – ‘Interview’
The Sons of Harry Lauder – The Rubble Age
Mathew Sawyer – The Forgetting Head
Piper’s Son – By The Hand
Paul Hawkins ‘Interview’
Paul Hawkins – Bad Santas (extract) (LIVE READING)
Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences – How We Lost the War
Giant Burger – Seven Billion (LIVE SESSION)
Giant Burger – Bacon Ice Cream (LIVE SESSION)
Giant Burger – Count Counterpoint (LIVE SESSION)
Giant Burger – Cribbage (LIVE SESSION)
Giant Burger – Fridges (LIVE SESSION)
Halo Halo – Comet
Giant Burger – ‘Interview’
The Len Bright Combo – Young, Upwardly Mobile… and Stupid
Dirty Viv – I Don’t Care

Presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp assisted by Lisa Geurts and Beth Rogers