Six Pillars – On Farideh Lashai, An Interview with the Artist’s Daughter

In tribute to Farideh Lashai (1944-2013), we podcast this phone interview with her daughter during an installation at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde in Dubai. Here Maneli describes the intricate videos and the ethos and methods behind her mother’s animations. Until she passed away, Lashai had been creating works for over 40 years transitioning between various mediums and becoming a heavyweight on the Middle Eastern arts scene. Even before exhibiting artwork she trained and worked in crystal manufacturing workshops in both Germany and Austria as a designer for years. She had also studied German literature, translating several plays by Berthold Brecht (1968-2008); before concentrating on fine art as a career. She was also a writer, her novel Shal Bamu, was a best seller and garnered the attention of Iranian literary circles. Lashai was also one of the founders of Neda Group which is a group of 12 Iranian female painters who reflected on themes such as identity.

Keep Your Interior Empty of Food that You Mayest Behold There in the Light of Interior (video) 2012

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