Wavelength – 2007 November 2nd Dogs in Datchet

Telephone interview with Captain Maurice Seddon who describes his unique telephone apparatus and his ongoing legal battle with his local council and neighbour to retain his dogs. Maurice lives in humble circumstances in Datchet at the end of the Heathrow flight path.
Planes fly directly overhead every 90 seconds. The large garden, surrounded by a high but dilapidated wooden fence contains all manner of unwanted and outdated electrical goods, motorcycles, refrigerators, tarpaulins, a small caravan and a pack of 18 mongrels which live wild and occasionally start to bark in unison. Maurice has lived here for 50 years.
A neighbour who moved in a few years ago has complained consistently about the noise of the dogs resulting in a series of eccentric court cases. At time of writing the dogs remain in situ.

William English

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  1. Peter Oliver

    I’ve got his vw beetles one soon back
    On the road I’m 48 and just love these
    Eccentric some much more interesting
    Then all the 9-5 robots :)

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