Panel Borders: Nic Roeg and Sandy Lieberson – filmmakers talk comics

Panel Borders: Nic Roeg and Sandy Lieberson – filmmakers talk comics

Concluding a month of shows on the presence of comics in the Victoria and Albert museum, Alex Fitch talks to two filmmakers who are regular attendees at Ian Rakoff’s comic book lectures at the V and A. Acclaimed film director Nic Roeg discusses his interest in comics and museum culture, how he nearly directed the 1980 adaptation of Flash Gordon and why the BBC wouldn’t let him choose Desert Island Discs for Radio 4?s Cultural Exchange. American Producer Sandy Lieberson, who worked with Roeg on Performance, talks about his love of classic newspaper strips, distinctions between high and low art and his involvement in The Magic Roundabout movie, Dougal and the Blue Cat. Originally broadcast Monday 30th September 2013, on Resonance 104.4 FM (London)

Pastiche of Performance poster featuring Nic Roeg and Sandy Lieberson

Pastiche of Performance poster featuring Nic Roeg and Sandy Lieberson

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Nic Roeg’s memoir The World is Ever Changing is released in paperback October 13th and Ian Rakoff’s next lecture on comic books at the V&A takes place at 1pm in the Hochhauser Auditorium on October 2nd

Links: Info about The World is Ever Changing
Info about the comic book collections in the National Art Library / Victoria and Albert Museum
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There will be The Comics Clock Tower – in Kendal Town Hall, where people will be able to buy comics and where authors and artists will be signing copies of their work. It will be smaller than at most comic conventions and will focus on writers, artists and publishers who are pioneers of a new wave of innovators in the field of comics and graphic storytelling.

We will be kicking off on Friday evening, 18th October and running until teatime on Sunday 20th. The programme will feature around 30 events of different styles and scales including meet the creators (presentations, live drawings and interviews), panel discussions and a few quirky events too. Alongside this there will be a film programme, exhibitions, workshops, our version of a marketplace/artists’ alley and a dedicated kids’ zone……and more

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