Wavelength – 2006 November 17th Peter Reiling, Bob Cobbing, Edwin Schlossberg, Art and Language, Henri Chopin

Peter Reiling “So!” from a CDR sent in to the programme by Peter.
Birdyak: Bob Cobbing, Ma-Lou Bangerter and Hugh Metcalfe; Make perhaps this out sense of can you from the LP aberration (KZ8801 1988).
Edwin Schlossberg; Vibrations/Metaphors from Revolutions per Minute (The Art Record) (1982 Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc).

Art and Language and The Red Crayola; It’s an Illusion from the 1976 LP Corrected Slogans.

Henri Chopin; Le Fond de la Gorge (ou Throat Power) 1974, Ingatestone GB from the CD accompanying Licences 1999 No.0.

William English