Hooting Yard: Curd

Back in the days of Stalin, it was a brave soul who mocked the Comintern. Uncle Joe and his myrmidons tended to get attacks of the vapours when ridiculed. Svetlana B was not particularly brave, however. For one thing, she mocked the Comintern from the comparative safety of a radio shack hidden in a village in the English fens, which she pronounced “fence”.

This fun-packed episode of Hooting Yard was first broadcast on the 26th January 2004.

  • A letter of complaint from an Aztec Fundamentalist.
  • Five Tiny Birds
  • Crime of the Century
  • Blodgett’s Fiendish X-Ray Plot
  • Bilingual Comintern Mocker
  • Quotation from Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis : The Antedeluvian World”
  • Mrs Gubbins’ New Publish Venture
  • Curd