The Exciting Hellebore Shew: Bush Special

First broadcast on November 19th 2003, this episode of the Exciting Hellebore Shew celebrates George W Bush’s visit to London. It’s dedicated to the American president, and also to bushes in general. The highlight of the show is certainly “chemical attack”.

  • George Bush introduction.
  • A Recording made from within a bush.
  • Re-constituted tape found within a bush. A selection of distorted and garbled high-NRG tunes.
  • George W Bush poem (by George W. Bush)
  • Blunder Baby (Does anyone want a hamburger?)
  • Chemical attack on the underground
  • The Grandmother
  • One thought on “The Exciting Hellebore Shew: Bush Special

    1. Ogembe

      Good to find there are still some episodes of the Hellebore Shews on the web. Don’t let Mr. Wilson kill all his babies!

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