Technical Difficulties – 10 May 2013

Today we feature an interview conducted by John Pring of Disability News Service with Cornwall Councillor Collin Brewer, who was recently re-elected to serve the Wadebridge East ward.

The full piece is available here:

Cllr Brewer told Disability Cornwall in 2011 that disabled children should be “put down” because the money spent on them was better allocated to projects with a broader reach.

He resigned as a councillor in earlier this year but was re-elected last week.


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2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – 10 May 2013

  1. Maria Grazia Zedda (@wideaware)

    Even with my headphones at top volume I can’t hear this – would it be possible PLEASE to add captions or a transcript of the interview? Please, this is very important to me and might be for other deaf or partially deaf people. Thank you. Maria

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