Hooting Yard: Gods

More thrilling stories from Hooting Yard. This episode was first broadcast on January 19th 2005.

Geb. Hapi. Anubis. Khnum. Ra. These are gods. They are not toys or trinkets, plastic figurines or dolls made out of scraps of wool or straw. They are gods. Maat. Aten. Sekhmet. Hathor. Horus. These too are gods. Mighty, imperious gods. Geb is the Great Cackler, Hapi the Father of the Gods, Anubis the Jackal, Khnum the Lord of the Cool Waters, Ra the Sun God, Maat the Goddess of Truth, Aten the Lord of All, Sekhmet the Mighty One, Hathor the Mistress of Heaven and Horus He Who Is Above. Bow down before them for they are powerful deities.

  • Pageantry (A boisterous parade)
  • Gods (Egyption and Aztec)
  • One Afternoon on the lane that runs from Coctlosh to Pointy Town.
  • Fripp it to Shreds ( http://www.fripp.com )
  • Bogodan