Hooting Yard: Charging Ostrich of Fire.

Against this, one could argue two things. If the cage was constructed from flimsy materials, it might be that the burgeoning ostrich would simply cause the birdcage to fall to bits around it as it expanded in size from budgerigar or canary to full ostrichdom. Or, bear in mind that Blakeston specifically describes an ostrich of fire. Would not the enflamed and blazing bird burn the cage to cinders as it underwent its transformation?

This episode was recorded on the 10th of November 2011. A complete transcript of this episode can be found on Frank Key’s Hooting Yard website. Accompanying Hooting Yard On The Air, the six publications We Were Puny, They Were VapidGravitas, Punctilio, Rectitude & Pippy BagsUnspeakable Desolation Pouring Down From The StarsBefuddled By Cormorants , Inpugned By A Peasant And Other Stories Porpoises Rescue Dick Van Dyke and Brute Beauty And Valour And Act Oh Air Pride Plume Here Buckle! are available for purchase.


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  1. Studio Dongo

    First, I stumbled upon a hilarious piece about a character doing the police in different voices. I couldn’t stop reading.

    But then the piece ended. One click led to another, and I landed on this brilliant podcast.

    My poor wife lost patience with me for cackling. Great stuff.

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